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Lynnie, Colorado

Lynnie, Colorado

Writing this testimonial has been difficult.  I want to be able to share my remarkable experience in a way that touches hearts and makes people want to be a part of it.  My greatest wish would be for everyone to hear the voices of the kids at the school singing How Great Thou Art, or to see their beautiful smiling faces.  Or to feel them sit in your lap, gently touching your ” Blanco skin”,or hair.  To have them look into your eyes and feel their unconditional love and your own heart melt.

I was very nervous to go to Haiti.  But once I met Dedra, I knew I would be safe.  We were transported with care, knowledge, humor and great faith.  Dedra works tirelessly.  She has a huge mission.  She has been there 3 years full-time.  She does this 24 _ 7, always.

They feed children, give hugs, educate children, give hugs, perform first aid, give hugs, bring God to them, and give hugs.  They figure out how to build a house for a single mom with 6 kids who was living in a wooden shell.

It is one thing to hear about poverty and quite another to see a city with no running water or electricity.  To see a family of 5 living in one small room.  Or a family living in a home that you can see daylight through the walls and dirt floors.

There are around 350 kids at the main school.  There are 80 plus kids who are sponsored and eat lunch at the school 4 days a week.  There are 3 out laying schools they take food to 3 days a week. On Tuesday, they try to feed all the kids at the main school, but sometimes there just isn’t enough food.  Please sponsor  child for $30 a month, so they can all eat, please sponsor a child.

I came away from Haiti with a great love in my heart for the country, the people, and Dedra, a great blessing in my life.

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