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About Us

About Us

Through God’s love, grace, and provisions we continue to move forward to a brighter future for the children of Haiti


Following the tragic earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, Dedra Key  founded Love and Grace Ministry, now known as Present Hope Ministry, Inc. as a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their community in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, to reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty and injustice.

With three schools in different villages, we currently provide over 400 children with a Christ-centered education along with warm, nutritious meals and access to medical care and clothing. We strive to provide two meals per day through sponsorship and depending on donations, to the children while they are at school.  The meals provided through our sponsorship program are most likely the only meals the children will have that day.

Relying on God’s grace and Spirit, we affirm the truth of the gospel and our hope in Christ.  We serve believing that a transformation of heart paired with countering chronic hunger and mental impairment will inspire the next generation to bring change to their nation.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is core to who we are. Our calling is to serve those living in poverty. We choose to serve wholeheartedly because the alternative — allowing children to suffer needlessly from hunger, poverty, and disease — is unacceptable. Jesus’ call took Him to the poor; we follow His example.  Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve  through our deeds of love and mercy, the character and conduct of our staff, and through our words of testimony.  This is a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people, especially vulnerable children. We hope to live as followers of Christ by being active, visible bearers of God’s love.


Dedra Key along with a group of missionaries, traveled to Haiti in December 2007, with the specific intent of helping those most in need.  The journey continued with annual or biannual mission trips to Haiti. The missionaries met up with a foreign missionary who was already working in Haiti, and beginning construction of  a school for children primary through middle school age level.  Dedra’s family and church family assisted in financial giving as well as mission trips towards construction of the school known today as Philadephia.


Our mission has accomplished and continues to push forward with the following:

  • A portable water system- This provides clean water for each of our three schools.
  • Teachers- Our teachers accept a salary that is very modest in order to help our cause move forward, changing and improving more lives.
  • Nutrition- Children many times are only fed when they come to our school where they receive a nutritious meal that is vital to their learning.
  • Sustainability- These are the ways we desire to make our students and families sustainable in the long run.
    • Teaching trade skills such as mechanics, sewing, construction, culinary and arts using their talents and resources to sustain themselves.
    • Planting a garden that will both feed the students and teach them the necessary skills for sustainable living. This also provides an excellent learning environment that both excites and inspires the students. So far we have had success with a variety of vegetables.

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Are all donations tax-deductible?

Yes they are! All donations are tax deductible as Present Hope Ministry, Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit organization.

What does the "4" stand for in presenthope4haiti.org?

EVANGELIZE, EDUCATE,  EMPOWER, and ERADICATE hunger and poverty one child at a time.  The ministry was founded and functions on these basic life principles.

Does Present Hope Ministry, Inc. serve in Haiti full time?

Yes! Dedra Key de Chavez, the founder of the ministry, moved to Haiti in February, 2013.  She and Pastor Chavez married in October, 2013 and have joined their lives and hearts to serve Christ and those in Haiti.

Does Present Hope Ministry, Inc. offer missionary opportunities?

Present Hope Ministry, Inc. receives missionaries from the United States, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Italy and other countries who share their time, talents, and treasures with the children of Ouanaminthe, Haiti.  We offer a variety of ministry opportunities for teams including medical clinics, Vacation Bible Schools, construction projects, pastor training, cooking and serving meals, crafts for kids, and much more.

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